QL StageMix provides remote control of QL series functions

StageMix is an application for the Apple iPad that provides remote control of Yamaha QL digital mixing console functions via a simple, intuitive graphical interface from anywhere within wireless range. The software has been specifically designed to allow engineers to adjust monitor mixes from the performers’ positions on stage, directly controlling mix parameters via the iPad rather than having to rely on verbal directions to a second engineer. The result is better mixes in less time; a huge advantage during high-pressure pre-show setup. Although StageMix is focused on the requirements for adjusting monitor mixes on stage, its range of features is continually expanding, allowing it to be used for a wider variety of remote control functions.

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QL StageMix V7 User Guide [3.6MB]
QL StageMix V7 User Guide [4MB] [3.6MB]

Price : Free

Apple iPad (any model using iOS 8.0 or later)

Yamaha QL series digital mixing console firmware V3.0 or later

Wi-Fi access point (preferably with 802.11n or 802.11ac, 5GHz capability, though 2.4GHz and 802.11g will also work)

CAT5 cable (to connect the console to a Wi-Fi access point)

Los colores y acabados pueden ser diferentes a estos en los productos actuales.