LIVE CUSTOM OAK Live Custom abre todo un nuevo horizonte en el mundo de la batería que te llevará a un nuevo nivel de emoción

Yamaha's Expertise Draws The Best In Tone From Oak

In its simplest form, drum shell construction consists of wrapping veneer plies into a circular shell. But the process becomes quite complex if you want to make a really good sounding drum. The technology used to form the shell, the degree of perfection achieved in attaining a perfectly round shape, and the tonal characteristics of the woods used to create the shell—each of these points has a profound effect on the drum's final tone. Using our advanced manufacturing technologies we at Yamaha, are the only drum manufacturer that has succeeded in utilizing oak to produce drum shells.
Our proprietary shell forming technique, the Air Seal System, enables us to create shells that are perfectly round. This superior shell forming system forms the base for tonal excellence.
Oak is known for its sharp and enormous sound and Yamaha has been using it as a tone wood for drums for more than 10 years. Inheriting this history, new Live Custom series drums are sure to uphold and advance the reputation of Yamaha's oak drums. And the esthetic beauty that oak possesses will shine even brighter on the stage.

Air Seal System for Superior Shells