Serie AG

To use an AG series mixer with a computer, software called a "driver" is required.

For Windows operating systems, you must install a driver on your computer so that it will correctly recognize and exchange data with the AG series mixer. For Mac operating systems, standard drivers are already installed on the computer; you do not need to install a separate driver.

AG DSP Controller will no longer be available with Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for Windows V2.1.3 or later installed. In this case, please use AG Controller.

For Win

For Mac


Las consolas de la serie AG se distribuyen con un código de acceso para descargar el software DAW "Cubase AI". Puede descargar este software con un ordenador conectado a Internet.

AG DSP Controller

AG DSP Controller le da un control adicional de 1-TOUCH DSP Parámetros.

Cubasis LE

"Cubasis LE" DAW App for iPad is available at App Store. Connect AG series to your iPad to unlock the feature set of "Cubase LE". This installation guide covers the tasks required to unlock.

WaveLab Cast

If you registered your "Cubase AI Download Access Code", an Activation Code for WaveLab Cast will be distributed to your "MySteinberg" software page.

AG Series Brochure

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AG03 Owner's Manual [641KB]
AG03 Owner's Manual [760KB] [641KB]
AG03 Technical Specifications [361KB]
AG06 Owner's Manual [700KB]
AG06 Owner's Manual [683KB] [700KB]
AG06 Technical Specifications [389KB]
Nombre Español Inglés
CAD Data (BMS-10A) [17KB]
Data Sheet (AG Series) [1.5MB]