The Easy Path to Professional Sound System Design

This free software gives you simulated results of Yamaha speakers* for your venue. "Auto" features allow automatic placement of optimal speaker model(s) at optimal location(s), and can also provide equalization and delay settings for your venue. Simulated settings may be immediately exported as DME Designer format, leaving you with plenty of time to make further adjustments and find tuning of your system.*Speakers that can be simulated with Y-S3 V3.0 are Installation Series and S Series (S5 is only available in distributed mode).

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Y-S3 V2.1.0 Manual [1.2MB]
Y-S3 V2.2.0 Manual [1.1MB]
Y-S3 V3.0 Compatible models for Distributed Speakers [279KB]
Y-S3 V3.0 Manual [1.9MB]
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Y-S3 Speaker System Design Guide [337KB]
Nombre OS Tamaño Última actualización
Y-S³ V3.0.3 for Win Win 227.4MB 2012-03-14

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