SWR2100P Switch L2

Nombre OS Tamaño Última actualización
Yamaha LAN Monitor V1.3.9 for Win 10/8.1/7 Win 24.3MB 2019-09-30
SWR2100P-10G Firmware V3.06.02 162KB 2018-10-31
SWR2100P-5G Firmware V3.05.02 161KB 2018-10-31

* The software name of Yamaha Audio Network Monitor has been changed to Yamaha LAN Monitor.

Commercial Installation Solutions

SWR Series Brochure

SWR2100P Series Leaflet

Nombre Español Inglés
SWR2100P-10G/SWR2100P-5G Owner's Manual [1.9MB]
SWR2100P-10G/SWR2100P-5G Owner's Manual [1.9MB] [1.9MB]
Yamaha LAN Monitor User Guide [2.7MB]
Nombre Español Inglés
CAD Data (RK-SWR) [15KB]
CAD Data (SWR2100P-10G, SWR2100P-5G) [169KB]
Data Sheet (SWR2100P-10G, SWR2100P-5G, RK-SWR) [10MB]
License Agreement of Open-Source Software Used in Yamaha SWR2100P series [88KB]
RK-SWR Dimensions [97KB]
SWR2100P-10G, SWR2100P-5G Dimensions [164KB]