YSL-882O 20TH

Wide Slide

The YSL-882O20TH features a wide-pitch slide (Y-104IIN) with a Nickel silver crook that contributes to solid, powerful tone.

Main Tuning Slide and Rotary Valve Cap

The standard main tuning slide has been replaced with a gold brass type. The rotary valve cap are the same shape as those used on the YBL-822G bass trombone, achieving a rich resonance with a slightly different character than the regular model. Optimized resistance adds further refinement to this outstanding instrument.

(Left) Main Tuning Slide

(Right) Rotary Valve Cap

Anniversary Decoration: Bell, Weight, Thumb Rest, Bumper

The YSL-882O20TH features a number of commemorative decorations with a white-colored theme overall. The bell is adorned with an elegant 20th anniversary engraving, the weight is decorated with an artificial opal tuning fork logo, and an artificial ivory thumb rest with an artificial opal side inlay is included. Even the slide bumper is a special color.

(Left) Thumb Rest

(Center) Weight

(Right) Bumper

Estuche incluido

The chic 20th anniversary case has a two-tone ivory and brown color scheme with a brown lining.