Alto Flauta dulce-Plástico origen vegetal

Los cuerpos hechos de plástico "Ecodear" (de origen vegetal), consiguen un timbre meloso y de gran definición que se asemeja al de las flautas dulces de madera.


Flauta dulce soprano de sistema barroco. Los cuerpos hechos de plástico "Ecodear" (de origen vegetal), consiguen un timbre meloso y de gran definición que se asemeja al de las flautas dulces de madera.


Flauta dulce soprano de sistema barroco.Los cuerpos hechos de plástico "Ecodear" (de origen vegetal), consiguen un timbre meloso y de gran definición que se asemeja al de las flautas dulces de madera.

Materials that are gentle on the environment

Bodies made of Biomass material UNITIKA “TERRAMAC®” plastic: the world’s first application* of environmentally friendly plant based materials in a musical instrument. * As a musical instruments commercially available, according to our own research in June 2014.

Improved instrument performance

The change in material has resulted in a mellow, centered tone that is similar to that of wood recorders, plus improved breath response and high-register control.

Newly adopted plant-like colors

Bright colors chosen to elicit the image of plants such as corn and others have been used in the recorders and cases for the first time.


“TERRAMAC® ” plant-derived plastic

TERRAMAC® is an environmentally friendly material made by using proprietary technology from UNITIKA LTD. to combine polylactic acid (PLA)* with other materials and then improve and mold the result.Currently, it is widely used in products ranging from food containers to components for electronic devices.Yamaha uses TERRAMAC® in recorders, retaining the same durability, strength, and appearance as conventional ABS resin while reducing CO2 emissions. Yamaha is contributing to the development of a more sustainable society by working to prevent global warming and reduce consumption of chemical resources at the same time as we manufacture high-quality musical instruments.

*Polylactic acid (PLA): Polylactic acid is a biomass-derived resin made from lactic acid produced by fermenting sugar from plants. It produces much less CO2 than other plastics when burnt, and since the plants it is made from absorb CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow, it significantly reduces the C02 emissions that are thought to cause global warming. Polylactic acid has a heat of combustion of one-half to one-third that of petroleum-based plastics, and of course, does not emit toxic gases such as dioxin or hydrogen chloride when incinerated.

TERRAMAC®Logo Plant-based plastic “TERRAMAC®”

Why is plant-based plastic gentle on the environment?

1. Reduced CO2 emissionsPlants grow by absorbing CO2 that would otherwise add to the global warming problem. Even though plant-based plastic results in the same CO2 emissions as other materials during manufacture, use, and disposal, the total amount of CO2 produced is reduced by the amount absorbed during growth.2. Reduced use of oilOil is the main raw material used in plastics, but reserves are limited and will be depleted in the not-so-distant future. By replacing a portion of the raw material requirements with plant-based materials the total amount of oil used can be reduced, thereby prolonging the availability of fossil resources.

Certified as Yamaha Eco-Products

Eco Products Logo

Plant-based Plastic Recorders are certified as Yamaha Eco-Products, which is a certification established by Yamaha for products that meet the standards of “Product Environmental Quality Objectives”.

Artist Comment: Kuricorder Quartet

Artist Comment Kuricorder Quartet

“The ‘pop’ colors are great! The weight is right for a musical instrument, and the tone is seriously musical too. The resistance is comfortable, and you can play hard. Notes in the high register are particularly easy to produce. Note definition is good and tonguing is easy. The notes have a well-defined center. This soprano recorder plays beautifully. There is very little variation from instrument to instrument, so these will be great for recording unison parts. The fact that just changing the material has resulted in such a noticeable improvement highlights the depth of the recorder as a musical instrument. The improvement in the rate of development of children who start with these recorders is likely to be significant."

Kuricorder Quartet with Plant-based Plastic Recorders

Enjoy the performance by Kuricorder Quartet at Yamaha Toyooka Factory.

German and Baroque fingering systems

German and Baroque fingering systems

Yamaha offers a choice of either “German” or “Baroque” fingering systems on many models to accommodate local preferences and traditions.German system: YRS-401Baroque system: YRS-402B, YRA-48B/402B

Los colores y acabados pueden ser diferentes a estos en los productos actuales.