YHR-672 Full Double Horns Nuevo

The rich resonance of a traditional horn with an extra-large bell that enhances warmth and depth.

The YHR-672 Full Double Horn is ideal for a wide range of playing situations with a traditional wrap and an extra-large bell for enhanced warmth and depth. A new leadpipe inherits its design from the renowned YHR-862 custom model (1979 – 1987). The YHR-672 offers evolved playability with luxurious resonance and power that can fill any hall.

It is available in yellow brass for players who want more brilliance, or nickel silver, the standard material for extra-large-bell horns, for players who prioritize power and response.

YHR-672 Nuevo

Material: Yellow brass, Bell type: Fixed

YHR-672D Nuevo

Material: Yellow brass, Bell type: Detachable

YHR-672N Nuevo

Material: Nickel-silver, Bell type: Fixed

YHR-672ND Nuevo

Material: Nickel-silver, Bell type: Detachable



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To produce rich overtones and a timbre with impressive depth, the taper shape is based on the highly acclaimed Yamaha Custom Horn YHR-862 that is widely considered to be a masterpiece in horn design. Ideal playing resistance gives the performer maximum expressive freedom.

Main and F Tuning Slides

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Somewhat square crook tuning slide increases playing resistance, while repositioned main brace rods contribute to well-balanced overall playability.

LL Bell

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An extra-large bell delivers rich, powerful tone to every seat in the hall. The unsoldered bell rim contributes to freer, more open playability.

Short-stroke 4th lever mechanism

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The lever mechanism has been redesigned to have a shorter stroke that allows faster switching between the F and Bb sides. This adds to convenience and comfort while allowing the player to concentrate more fully on the performance.

Nickel Silver: YHR-672N(D)

Yamaha French Horns YHR-672ND

The YHR-672N(D) is designed to produce a more traditional horn sound with main tubing and tuning slides made of nickel silver. Nickel silver is resistant to corrosion, harder than yellow brass, and capable of delivering bright, colorful tone with outstanding playing response. The instrument responds directly to every playing nuance for free, easy expression.

* Yellow brass is used for the YHR-672N(D) bell screw.

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