As the world’s largest musical instrument maker, Yamaha has been building instruments of exceptional quality and value for 125 years. The affordable DTX400 series embodies this principle and offers sound quality that rivals competitor models costing twice as much. By using sounds from our professional DTX900/700/500 models the 400 series drum sounds are superior to anything else in its class.

The kit sounds of the DTX400 are presented in stereo from the position of the player, so that you when you hear it you will feel like you are listening to a real set of drums. In fact, the sounds are actual recordings of real drums, cymbals and percussion that respond to your hitting strength for expressive musical performances. You get the biggest names from throughout the history of drums including Yamaha’s most famous acoustic drums.

Your passion for drumming is real. Our passion will take you there - welcome to the tribe.

Maple Custom

Maple is a traditional wood that has been used to make drums for a very long time. This kit features Yamaha Maple Custom snare and toms and our Maple Custom Absolute for the kick. Known for its rich, warm tone and sustain, these drums are loved by professional drummers from all of the world. The cymbal set uses an 18-inch American made Turkish-style crash cymbal, and 14-inch hi-hats and a 20-inch ride from a popular Canadian cymbal company known for their quick response.

Oak Custom

Yamaha Oak Custom drums sent a shudder through the drum industry. Never before had this hardwood been used in full kits. From the powerful low end that shakes the floors, to full mids and crisp highs that penetrate the mix, insist on the power of oak. This tight and powerful kit will rock your world. It uses a set of Swiss cymbals including an 18-inch crash, 13-inch hi-hats, and 20-inch ride that are popular for their brilliant sound.

Hard Rock

Big, booming, and brutal - this kit has incredible projection. Using modern studio techniques with a wide open drum tuning gives this kit a huge sound for today’s hard rock and heavy metal. It comes with a 19-inch American china, 14-inch Swiss hi-hats, and a 22-inch Canadian ride. By using a heavier stick to record the sounds you can feel the power of a monster rock drummer. This preset uses the hi-hat controller as a twin kick pedal so you can rock out with double-bass drums.


Old-style vintage drums are capable of blending into a variety of music styles and are particularly suited to 70s music. This kit uses a set of classic American-made drums with larger diameters for a “King” size tone. To match the vibe of this kit we also include a set of highly Swiss-formula cymbal sounds including a 16-inch crash, 14-inch hi-hats, and 22-inch ride.


This kit has a dry and focused quality produced from Yamaha’s legendary Birch Custom series and features a signature snare sound from one of funk music’s power drummers. Birch has the outstanding ability to provide clear mid and low tones, as well as a sharp, solid response in the high frequencies. It comes with 16-inch American crash, 13-inch Swiss hi-hats, and 20-inch Canadian ride cymbal.


Featuring a tight, full drum sound that works well across many different styles of music, the Session kit is made from a Yamaha Oak Custom kick, Maple Custom toms and an extra deep signature snare drum. It comes with 17-inch American crash and Canadian made 13-inch hi-hats and 20-inch ride.


The Jazz kit uses smaller sized drums with higher tension on the heads for a tight and bouncy sound compared to the other kits. Not only can it be used for Jazz but the sound will fit into other styles of music that require a high degree of dynamic expression. The cymbals were selected to provide a distinctive jazz ride sound with a full sound in the crash and hi-hat voices.


No DTX kit would be complete without the electronic sounds of legendary drum machines and modern beat-box samples. This is the best kit to use for 80s House and dance music as well as today’s Hip-Hop and R&B genres.


Featuring a concert bass drum, Yamaha MS-9214 marching snare drum, orchestral cymbals, and high pitched tom-toms. This kit takes its name from the snare drum used but also has the potential for use in new genres of music just waiting to be discovered.


Rounding out the preset kits is a collection of traditional drum instruments we simply call Percussion. Bongos, congas, cowbells and shakers are featured with a high degree of tonal changes according to your playing dynamics.