The choice and quality of the materials used to create a piano make a huge difference and Yamaha Premium Pianos use only the world's finest materials. Yamaha purchases top quality wood, and of this, only around 1% of the best quality is used for Premium Piano soundboards. Wood that has been specially selected based on grain structure, strength and resonance is seasoned for long periods making it perfect to form the ribs, soundboard and bridges.
Hi-grade felt is specially processed for the hammers, and the leather used in the mechanism of the action is also of the highest quality, specially treated specifically for this role. The iron plate at the heart of the piano is cast to precise specifications in Yamaha’s own foundry.
The balance and synergy between these materials combined with the experience of Yamaha’s master artisans is critical when producing the Premium Pianos. Yamaha’s dedication to quality is visible in every stage of production, and is followed by the most stringent quality control in the musical industry.

All assembly processes are performed by the hands of experienced and highly skilled craftspeople. There is no production line in the Handmade Workshop, so wooden materials can be individually seasoned and crafted to perfection. And the time spent voicing each Premium Piano is more than 20 times that of a standard grand piano. But time alone isn’t the only difference. The craftspeople in the Handmade Shop are elite piano technicians with unparalleled skills.

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