Automatic phrase list generation

Choose a song saved on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Kittar will automatically generate a "phrase list" based on the song's structure. You can edit the phrase list to your liking, or create phrases of your favorite parts yourself. The phrase lists will become more polished and improve in quality as you use the app.

Notice) Songs stored in iCloud, protected by digital rights management (DRM) and songs over 40 minutes long cannot be used with the app.

Favorite phrases

You can create your own unique phrase list by marking phrases as "favorites". You can even register phrases from a variety of songs into a single list.

Rich playback functionality

Kittar was designed to be used while playing an instrument, and features a large full screen player view that is easy to use. It contains a multitude of functions helpful for playing music, including changing the tempo, transposing, repeating and count-in.