“Sleep No More” performed in Shanghai with Yamaha Commercial Installation Systems

The much anticipated Asian premiere of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More, the immersive theatre show that has been hit in New York City for over five years, has arrived in Shanghai. The Shanghai production is produced by Punchdrunk International and SMG Live.

Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More contains virtually no spoken language. The action of the performance is centered around physical theatre and dance. This is combined with a cinematically detailed set design and richly atmospheric lighting and sound designs to create a unique world.

Yamaha have provided the sound equipment for the production, as part of a unique sound design that spans 90 different rooms, across 6 floors in the building where the action of the show takes place.

At any one time there can be up to different 96 sound sources, transmitting into different parts of the performance space, made possible through through Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions and fully supporting the Dante Network.

“We have been able to create a very special sound design for the show in Shanghai” said Sleep No More Shanghai’s Sound Design Associate, Steven Dove.

“The achievement of the sound team here is remarkable, and the standard of their work is at the same level that Punchdrunk would expect when mounting one of our productions anywhere in the world” said Punchdrunk’s Production Consultant, Ben Hosford.

“A year ago, when discussions began with the Punchdrunk team about the design of the sound system, it became clear that the Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions system was going to be the best choice for us” said Hu Bin, the system’s designer and technical leader of the PA marketing team. “Now that the installation is complete, this has been confirmed. We have a system that is very flexible, and excellent value for money. Both Punchdrunk and SMG Live, the Chinese Producers of the Production, have been impressed by the final result and this powerful sound system”

Luke Ma, SMG Live’s producer for Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More, Shanghai, said, “It is very hard to imagine the work it takes to manage 96 sound sources in 90 different rooms. It is also very impressive that right up until opening, the sound team have worked tirelessly to refine the design as much as possible to ensure the best possible sound experience for the audience. We are very fortunate to have had a sound system from Yamaha that provides such a high level of sound quality, reliability and flexibility throughout this incredible process. “

Address: The McKinnon Hotel, No. 1013 West Beijing Road, Shanghai, China


Tarjeta de expansión de 16 canales de E/S en formato DANTE (Audinate)


Amplificador/mezclador compacto de Clase D con conmutación de baja/alta impedancia (baja impedancia: 30 W x 2 canales, alta impedancia: 60 W x 1 canal) equipado con 3 entradas estéreo, 2 entradas de micrófono y potentes funciones DSP que ofrecen una gran calidad en la reproducción de música y amplificación de micrófonos.


Amplificador de potencia compacto de Clase D con conmutación de baja/alta impedancia (baja impedancia: 30 W x 2 canales, alta impedancia: 60 W x 1 canal) equipado con 2 tipos de entradas de línea que permiten su combinación con el amplificador/mezclador MA2030.

NUAGE I/O 16A (Nio500-A16)

Designed with meticulous attention to details that make a real difference in the final sound, from parts selection to circuit layout, Nuage I/O audio interface units bring out the full sonic potential of the Nuendo/Cubase DAW software. They include advanced DSP processing for stereo and surround monitoring, and use Dante network protocol for flexible system design and expansion. Three 16-channel models with different I/O configurations are available, usable individually or in combination for up to 128 channels.