Sonido profesional

Debido a la dificultad de conseguir semiconductores y ciertas partes en todo el mundo, es posible que se produzcan restrasos en las entregas de productos en algunas zonas.

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Control de Campo Activo (AFC)

Las capacidades de AFC Enhance para el control dimensional y detallado de la reverberación se pueden utilizar para crear espacios acústicos en los que las imágenes acústicas se posicionan y controlan mediante AFC Image.

Yamaha and NEXO Talk Your Language at ISE 2022

As the constraints caused by the pandemic are gradually coming to an end, Yamaha and NEXO will be exhibiting at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show with the aim of bringing people together again and discussing what the professional audio industry can do to make the world a better place.

Yamaha Serves Great Sound At Buddha Restaurant & Sushi

Magni Restaurant and Sushi, developed in the Buddha Room in Fondi, Italy, is a new restaurant, where diners can enjoy the best sushi, an extended menu and a wide range of drinks. As well as a great dining experience, owner Magni Gianmaria wanted to make sure guests enjoy the highest quality music. A Yamaha audio system was chosen to serve excellent sound.

Yamaha Announces the Release of Their First Ever Dedicated Game Streaming Audio Mixer, the ZG Series

Yamaha is excited to announce the release of the ZG01 dedicated game streaming audio mixer as a response to the increasing demand for a more immersive overall gaming experience.