Real Grand Expression.

Pruebe la experiencia de tocar un piano digital con el corazón de un verdadero piano de cola. Sentirá la diferencia desde la primera nota que toque. Con una pulsación y respuestas realistas, junto al inconfundible timbre de los mejores pianos de cola jamás construidos, el Clavinova ofrece unas capacidades expresivas y un rango dinámico que redefine el estándar en los pianos digitales actuales.

Imagine enjoying the subtle tonal shadings and broad dynamic range of a concert grand piano in the privacy of your home, or livening up family gettogethers with an impressive library of accompaniment and instrument Voices. The amazing versatility and state-of-the-art functionality of the Clavinova ensures that all of your musical needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Explore a new world of musical possibilities with Clavinova—more than just great sound.

Two World-Renowned Piano Sounds in One

Voices from the CFX, Yamaha’s finest concert grand piano, and Bösendorfer’s legendary Imperial. All 88 keys are sampled individually.

Introducing GrandTouch

The newly developed GrandTouch keys offer more responsive touch and a greater dynamic range than ever before. The pianist can experience a natural, balanced response from the tip to the very back of each key.

Connect wirelessly for Bluetooth® audio

You can play music through the audio system on the Clavinova by using a Bluetooth-enabled smart device. You can stream audio data such as mp3 files, as well as audio from apps. You can enjoy playing along with any songs on your smart device, and you can even share your Clavinova performances.

Distilling the very essence of a grand piano into the feel, tone and touch to resonate with the aspiring pianist in you

La combinación de la calidad de construcción, la capacidad expresiva sin rival posible y su inconfundible sonido, hace que el piano de concierto sea uno de los instrumentos musicales más reverenciados de la historia.

The CLP Series captures the soul of a remarkable concert instrument in a digital piano to deliver a grand piano performance in a more personal environment. From the feel of the pedals to the touch of the keyboard and the rich, resonant tone, the CLP Series provides an authentic grand piano experience that will inspire you to take your playing to new heights.

CLP-600 Series

CLP-500 Series

CVP Series

Broaden your musical horizons with a comprehensive array of authentic voices and a superb grand piano touch

A true chameleon; the versatile CVP Series can assume a variety of roles; one moment a fine concert piano, the next an expressive string ensemble. With stunning sounds and a range of vocal functions, the CVP Series is the perfect parnter in your musical endeavors.