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Growing need for hybrid meetings in schools and companies alike

The Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University plays a central role in theoretical physics education and research in Japan.

Remote conferencing systems are essential for the new normal conference rooms

Audio Video Communications Ltd has set up their booth featuring “ADECIA”, at Digital Signage Japan 2021.

ADECIA / RM-CG Firmware V1.1.0 Released.

New firmware V1.1.0 supports the RM-TT boundary microphone and provides new functionality.

Yamaha presenta la barra de sonido para empresas "ESB-1090" con modo educativo: reproducción de audio optimizada para educación, conferencias y más

La nueva barra de sonido para empresas ESB-1090 de Yamaha combina una calidad de sonido clara y un diseño elegante con una práctica innovación: El modo educativo

CS-700 Firmware Version Released.

New firmware Version added new features of USB Audio device and provisioning server, and provides some further improvements.

The Audio Impact at the University of Virginia

Now that the staff and researchers have the best quality audio with a best-in-class user experience, they're able to use the system to conduct meaningful and impactful discussions.

Prepárate: Para el nuevo mundo laboral híbrido

Sabemos lo exigente que puede ser el home-office. Las oficinas están cerradas y muchos hacen su trabajo desde casa en estos momentos.

Seeking solutions for the post-COVID office space, ADECIA installed in executive meeting rooms.

Yamaha's one-stop sound solution "ADECIA" for remote conferences has been introduced in the conference rooms and multipurpose spaces of KOKUYO Co., Ltd.'s Shinagawa Live Office.

Better sound quality and Smoother voice communication at meetings.

Solving the problems of regular meetings and web conferencing with the large-scale installation of Yamaha products.

Yamaha UC añade un micrófono de sobremesa a la familia ADECIA

La nueva solución de sobremesa ADECIA de Yamaha aporta un sonido claro y escalable a las conferencias de audio en la oficina.