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Bar “Network Bar”

If you’re going to develop a bold new concept in business networking, Dallas is a great place to do it. As one of the fastest growing cities in the USA and the financial epicenter of the state of Texas, the ability to make new professional contacts is always in demand. In 2017, the Network Bar introduced a unique new concept - taking face-to-face and online networking and combining them with fine dining in a VIP meeting space.

Texas has a higher gross state product (GSP) than the GDP of several developed countries and the third largest of any country subdivision globally. With the state’s financial institutions centered on Dallas, it was the perfect location for a new type of networking experience.

“Dallas has the largest number of restaurants per capita anywhere in the US, so we needed to be different to anyone else. We needed to do it big,” says co-founder David Romano. “We decided to create a great restaurant with great food, but in a place where people could connect, to meet in comfort, a place where you could have meetings in conference rooms and office parties. We built a concept that encompassed all of that.”

But this is only part of the Network Bar’s unique approach. At the heart of it is an iOS and Android app which allows members to connect, wherever they are.

“We see what we do as a version of LinkedIn, but live. In order for people to truly connect, we wanted them to be able to do it virtually, as well as at the Network Bar,” says David. “The app lets you see who’s at the bar at any given time, so you can introduce yourself in person. You can see all of your connections, what our 1500 members do and where they work.”

He continues, “You see people in here continually being interrupted, but it’s what they want. People come up to them and say ‘I saw you on the app. What do you do? This is what I do.’ It creates great dialogue within the Network Bar at all times. Combining the app with face-to-face networking is something that nobody has ever done.”

David stresses that Network Bar members are chosen to make sure they will be an active participant. “A networking concept with the inability to network doesn’t have value for anybody,” he says. “It’s my responsibility to ensure the experience everybody has here is like no other, so the membership is a curated group of professionals, carefully chosen through an interview process.”

The Network Bar features a regular program of inspirational speakers, networking events, sports and entertainment nights for members, so a high quality audio system was needed to mirror the VIP experience of the food and drink on offer.

Dallas-based Crown Audio Video, Inc was chosen to install a distributed Yamaha system, with VXS8 surface mount speakers and VXS10ST subwoofers in all areas. Centrally managed by a network processor, it is designed to be versatile and very easy to use by staff. Used for background music, guest speakers, social events, DJs and more, the seamless, detailed sound is never intrusive, adding a genuine touch of class to the atmosphere at the Network Bar.

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