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Brewery “Sideward Brewing”

Creating the best beer in Orlando, Florida is the mission of Sideward Brewing, where head brewer Garrett Ward, his partner Mandy and brother Austin have brought many years of brewing and service industry experience to create a great product and a cool place to enjoy it.

The team completely renovated a 100 year old warehouse to create the brewery and a 100-patron tap room and patio area, allowing customers to drink beer just a few yards from where it was created.

Garrett originally started brewing beer aged 21 out of his garage. He went on to create award-winning beers for other businesses, before setting up Sideward in the city’s popular (if ironically named) Milk district with Mandy and Austin. It was a natural course for someone who enjoys the social side of the business.

“When you’re trying to do the best beer possible, you end up brewing quite a bit, so it’s always fun to share it,” says Garrett.

Although the scale of brewing is on a completely different level - from five gallon batches in the garage to up to a thousand gallon batches at a time at Sideward - Garrett’s principles have stayed exactly the same.

“It’s the quality of the equipment, ingredients and care which make a great beer,” he says.

That care is extended to the customer experience at the Sideward tap room, which includes a range of tasty home-made foods made in the on-site kitchen and a high quality Yamaha background audio system. Designed and installed by Orlando-based Teer Audio Visual, just four Yamaha VXS8W full range, surface mount speakers were needed to cover both the inside and outside seating areas, with an MA2120 mixer amplifier, PA2120 amplifier and DCP1V4S digital control panels for flexible control.

"We wanted to create the whole package - the quality of the drink and the quality of the space. It’s a cool place to hang out with great quality beer,” Garrett smiles.

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