Nobody knows sound better than Yamaha.

As the world's leading manufacturer of musical instruments and audio equipment, Yamaha is uniquely positioned to express every sound as the artist intended.

Sound that delivers incredibly detailed and accurate timbre in each note.

Sound experienced by the emotive contrast between stillness and motion.

Sound that reproduces a sense of atmosphere as if you’re actually there.

From music and movies to immersive gaming experiences, there's a reason behind every sound.

It's time to discover True Sound.


Jordan Hawkins

"...I tried to put a lot of work into making sure that the sonics of my song are really tight, so I would obviously always want my music to be presented in the best way possible."

Jas Kayser

"...I guess when you're recording you want to emulate that true sound too, and kind of get across what you would do on a stage through so many steps and production, and then through the speakers."

Gemma Griffiths

"...True sound is when I can have someone on the other side of the world listen to the art that I created. And here what I heard."


Every ear hears the world differently. Yamaha expresses sound as the artist intended. Reproducing sonic elements such as vocals, instruments, TV dialogue and sound effects at the right pitch requires both passion and precision. Yamaha accomplishes this through tonal balance, enriching harmonies and recreating musicality to help you hear sounds you couldn't hear before.

Music, at its core, is a connection of one sound to another. They form phrases, with rests added in for alternating expressions of power and delicacy. Yamaha pursues dynamics in sound to contrast the stillness and motion. It's not just the powerful sounds - there's beauty in the breaks.

The most loved compositions and performances make you feel like you're there - whether it's the front row of a live concert or the best seat in a theater. Yamaha approaches spatial expression with nuance and precision, accurately reproducing the sound image to not only convey the position of an instrument or artist, but also the movement behind it.


The fusion of acoustic and electronics is a feat that only Yamaha could accomplish, since it excels at absolutely everything related to sound and music, from the making of musical instruments to Pro Audio equipment.

Discover here the many unique technologies that help product True Sound, as well as the sound-creating philosophy behind it.


Feel the excitement in your favorite music and movies.

Hear sounds you didn't even know you were missing. The Yamaha approach to tonal balance brings new sounds to life. Backing vocals, guitar harmonies, a jazz musician taking a breath before the next note. Feel the dynamics between notes and a sense of atmosphere as if you're actually there.


Make every night movie night. In fact, feel like you've entered the story. The Yamaha approach to tonal balance delivers incredibly detailed and accurate timbre in each voicing. Dynamism is found in the emotive contrast between the stillness and motion in the movie. The urgency and suspense between action scenes is palpable through the sound field that is created.



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