YH-5000SE Headphones, CSP-295 Digital Piano, "Upcycling Guitar" Concept Models Chosen for iF DESIGN AWARD 2024

Yamaha Corporation announces that three of its designs were selected to receive the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024: namely, the YH-5000SE headphones, the Clavinova CSP-295 digital piano, and the "Upcycling Guitar" electric guitar concept models. The YH-5000SE and CSP-295 won awards in the product discipline, while the "Upcycling Guitar" won in the professional concept discipline.

The iF DESIGN AWARD, organized by Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, is recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design and is one of the most important design prizes in the world. Each year, it honors design achievements from countries around the world. This year, the winners were chosen from almost 11,000 entries submitted from 72 countries, based on careful consideration by a 132-member jury made up of independent experts from all over the world.

Since 1999, Yamaha has received the iF DESIGN AWARD for 23 of its designs, and these three new awards now bring the total to 26.

  • YH-5000SE Headphones

YH-5000SE Headphones

  • Clavinova CSP-295 Digital Piano

Clavinova CSP-295 Digital Piano

  • "Upcycling Guitar" concept models (From left: Model "Marimba", Model "Piano")

"Upcycling Guitar" concept models

(From left: Model "Marimba", Model "Piano")

YH-5000SE Headphones

YH-5000SE Headphones

Our flagship headphones, created by taking advantage of the latest technology to redesign our Orthodynamic™ driver that captivated audiophiles in the 1970s. The design is both functional and beautiful, with the lightest weight and most comfortable fit possible, inviting the listener to enjoy a deeply immersive listening experience without discomfort, even during extended use. Produced in the same Japanese factory that handles our flagship models of grand pianos.

Clavinova CSP-295 Digital Piano

Clavinova CSP-295 Digital Piano

A digital piano equipped with LED lights streaming down behind the keys that function as visual indicators of the timing and position of the next keys to play, along with a smart device app that lets you choose instrument sounds, backing accompaniments, and more. The CSP-295 was designed to meet the needs of discerning beginners who demand both form and function by preserving the elegant simplicity of the conventional piano design while also making solo practice more comfortable. With a variety of rich functionality to support your practice, the CSP-295 brings joy to both beginners and those returning to the piano after a long break.

"Upcycling Guitar" Concept Models

Concept model electric guitars designed as part of a project that seeks to create new instruments by upcycling*1 unused materials*2 left over from musical instrument manufacturing processes, imbuing the materials with new value and restoring their appeal. The Model "Marimba" is made from rosewood, used for marimba tone bars, and the Model "Piano" is made from unused piano materials, such as spruce, birch, and maple. Both musical instruments take full advantage of the characteristics of the wood used.

*1 "Upcycling" refers to the process of taking something that would have otherwise been thrown away and turning it into something more valuable.

*2 "Unused materials" refers to scrap wood and other unused wood left over from musical instrument manufacturing processes.

  • Model "Marimba"

Model "Marimba"

  • Model "Piano"

Model "Piano"

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