Five & Dime - Superb Sound And Sunsets For Kolkata Diners

Five & Dime is a vibrant rooftop lounge and restaurant in Salt Lake, Kolkata, India, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy high quality food, drink and entertainment with great sunset views. A Yamaha audio system helps to make sure all enjoy an enhanced dining experience.

Mr Mrinmoy Sanyal of systems integrator The Four Pillars was commissioned to design and install a system which would cover the whole of Five & Dime’s indoor and outdoor areas with high quality sound.

The indoor space has high ceilings and a stage for live and DJ performances, while outdoors the equipment had to be resistant to dust and adverse weather. It was also important that the system did not visually detract from the venue’s vibrant décor.

A Yamaha solution was chosen, thanks to its exceptional audio quality and reliability, as well as meeting the client’s demands for coverage and visual appearance.

For the main indoor system, Yamaha DHR15 full-range, powered loudspeakers and DXS18XLF extended low frequency subwoofers were specified. The DHR15’s 0° to -7° tilt proved perfect for flying the loudspeakers from the venue ceiling, while the onboard FIR filtering assures exceptional sound clarity. Meanwhile, the DXS18XLF’s 30Hz to 150Hz frequency range and 1600W class D amplifier module were ideal for delivering powerful bass frequencies.

On stage, DHR12M monitors were chosen, their 1000W amplifier module and corrective EQ for minimising phase distortion ideal for delivering punchy, accurate sound.

For the outdoor area, Mr Sanyal specified Yamaha VXS8 full range speakers, powered by a PX3 amplifier. With an IP35 rated enclosure, flexible mounting options and excellent coverage, the VXS8 was the ideal solution to meet the challenge of superior, seamless open air sound in Kolkata’s climate.

A TF1 digital mixer was chosen to help the venue deliver perfectly balanced audio to both the indoor and outdoor areas, adjusted for background music or live/DJ performances.

“Once the system was commissioned, it proved that Yamaha was undoubtedly the best choice,” says Mr Sanyal. “Bringing together Yamaha, The Four Pillars and Five and Dime has resulted in what I would call the perfect blend of minds and machines!”

Kolkata, India

Serie TF

Las mesas de la serie TF elevan el listón de la sonorización en directo hasta nuevas cotas de perfeccionamiento gracias a la interfaz TouchFlow Operation™, los preamplificadores D-PRE™ recuperables, un procesamiento avanzado y muchas más prestaciones.

Yamaha Powered Loudspeakers DHR Series

Serie DHR

Los altavoces autoamplificados de la serie DHR brindan versatilidad y calidad superior con una línea de tres modelos diferentes que brindan hasta 1,000 W de potencia Clase D y están equipados con cajas de madera contrachapada y características prácticas que se han optimizado para brindar un rendimiento excelente en una amplia gama de entornos de refuerzo de sonido.

Serie DXS

La serie DXS es ​​una serie de subgrves autoamplificados de alto rendimiento, compactos y ligeros, que combinan perfectamente con los altavoces autoamplificados DXR y DBR de rango completo.

Serie VXS

La gama de productos de la Serie VXS cuenta con dos modelos full-range y dos subgraves, que le permite elegir el modelo óptimo para una aplicación determinada, y si es necesario, se combinan con los subgraves para los lugares que requieren de unos graves más fuertes.

Serie PX

La versátil línea de amplificadores de la serie PX combina procesamiento inteligente con alta potencia de salida para cumplir con los requisitos de una amplia gama de entornos de amplificación de sonido.