Sisters On Tour: Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 Joins The Dots

From September 2021 through to the end of 2022, Dutch girl band the Dolly Dots is saying a final farewell to its loyal fanbase, performing an array of hits and bringing back memories of their 1980s heyday to enthusiastic, sold-out audiences throughout the Netherlands. A Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 digital mixing system is helping them to roll back the years.

Dolly Dots enjoyed a number of European dance/pop hits throughout the 1980s, a television series and a starring role in feature film Dutch Treat. Having gone their separate ways in 1988, the band members performed occasional reunion shows until the death of founder member Ria Brieffies in 2009. Now the remaining five - Angela Groothuizen, Angéla Kramers, Anita Heilker, Esther Oosterbeek and Patty Zomer, all now in their 60s - have come back together for one last tour.

Backed by a five-piece band, led by musical director and keyboard player Sven Figee, the Sisters On Tour dates see the women performing their best known songs, remembering Ria and relating stories of their 1980s success, or ‘crazy circus’ as they call it.

Marc Hofstede of promoter Ambassadors of Entertainment asked CJ Otten of production company Max Power Rent to assemble a two trailer production carrying sound, lighting, video and set, along with a nine member touring crew.

CJ runs Max Power Rent with his son Max. Impressed by demonstrations of the Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 digital mixing system, the company purchased two systems for their front of house rental stock in time for the original 2020 Sisters On Tour dates. With those shows postponed because the Covid-19 pandemic, Max is now using one of them for the front of house mix.

“We wanted a digital mixing system with 32-fader surfaces and three touch screens, which would be easily transported and consistently reliable throughout a tour,” says CJ. “RIVAGE PM5 has a lot of advantages. Because the DSP engine stays on the stage, the control surface only weighs 42kg and it’s very compact, taking up little space in the hall and reducing seat kill. The large faders work great, it sounds great and it’s very clear and straightforward to use.

“I also like the way that larger configurations are possible by using an extra control surface with the same DSP. This is very useful for working quickly when several people are programming at the start of a new production.”

With age seeming to have no effect whatsoever on the Dolly Dots, the shows are being received enthusiastically by audiences who are happily reliving the band’s - and their - youth, all aided by Max’s pristine mixes on the RIVAGE PM5 system.

The last ever Dolly Dots show will take place on 14th December 2022 at the Ziggo Dome, accompanied by The European Pop Orchestra, conducted by Guido Dieteren.

The Netherlands


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