There’s No Business Like AirBusiness…

The AirBusiness Academy in Toulouse, France is an in-house faculty of Airbus, whose scope includes training design, delivery of customised learning solutions and consultancy services. At the Academy’s L'Event Centre, a Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) installation is a vital part of the infrastructure.

Known throughout the world for its highly successful civilian airliners, military aircraft and helicopters, European multinational Airbus opened the AirBusiness Academy in 2016. Located in the Airbus Leadership University campus, L'Event Centre is its main conference and training facility, with space for seminars, press conferences, plenary sessions and meetings.

Concept Group - a leading AV systems integrator, dealer and rental house in the city - was asked to provide the AV system for L'Event Centre, choosing the Yamaha CIS system for its main space, thanks to its versatility and ease of use.

The Dante-based system features an MTX5-D matrix processor, with XMV8280-D power amplifiers driving VXS8 surface mount, full-range loudspeakers in the large foyer/circulation area. A QL5 digital mixing console and HS7 studio monitors are located in the control room of the lecture theatre, connected to the Dante network, while control for the whole system is achieved easily and instantly via DCP4S and DCP4V4S surface mount panels. Yamaha MSP5 and MS101II monitors are also used in the control room.

“Concept Group chose the CIS solution because it offers exceptional flexibility and ease of use,” says Frederic Borde of Yamaha Music France. “The MTX5-D is very simple to program and the DCP series control panels, located in the Reception area, mean the whole system can instantly be set up for different uses, pre-recorded announcements (stored on an SD card) can be made and pre-programmed background music (BGM) playlists can be selected, all at the touch of a button or turn of a dial.

“The Dante network allows for presentations in the lecture theatre to be broadcast to the circulation area, or BGM and announcements to be routed to the lecture theatre. Most importantly, they were very impressed with the sound quality of the VXS8 loudspeakers, which complement Airbus Industrie’s commitment to quality throughout its organisation.”