Yamaha Assists Artisans At Metamorfosi

“Our purpose is to spread a new culture, where art becomes life and life becomes art,” is the promotional tagline for Metamorfosi, a stylish new bar in the Italian city of Fondi, where a Yamaha CIS installation is helping to inspire and entertain the city’s new generation of artisans.

The area around Fondi is known as 'little Florence', due to the history and quality of art that characterises it. Owned by Gianfranco ‘Jef’ Annunziata, the recently-opened Metamorfosi is intended to act as a hub of cultural originality; a meeting place for people who want to continue the region’s traditions of innovative art and design through participation, education, training, seminars and exhibitions.

Already attracting a reputation as ‘the most trendy bar in town’, a Yamaha CIS sound reinforcement system has been installed to deliver original live music, DJ sets and speech-based presentations to the gathered artisans. Supplied by Sperlonga-based Remix Sound, the Yamaha system comprises eight VXS5W wall-mounted, full range loudspeakers - finished in white to match the venue’s décor - and one DXS15 compact, high-output sub. The system is powered by an XMV4140, four channel amplifier. “It was the best solution, both technically and aesthetically, as the VXS5 loudspeakers sound great and blend in perfectly with the venue's decor, with the sound boosted by the powerful DXS15,” says Remix Sound’s Michele De Simone. “The venue is really happy with the system and the installer was very pleased that the system was so straightforward to install.”