NAI48-ES Network Audio Interface

Connect Yamaha digital mixing consoles or DME processors to remote head amps or AD/DA converters via EtherSound for analog interfacing wherever needed

The NAI48-ES is a digital audio network interface that uses the EtherSound network protocol. Digital mixing consoles such as the Yamaha PM5D, M7CL, or LS9 can be connected to AD8HR 8-channel microphone preamp/AD converter or DA824 DA converter units via the NIA48-ES for remote analog input or output interfacing on stage or wherever needed. This type of system eliminates noise problems that are unavoidable with conventional analog console plus multi-cable type setups, and dramatically reduces microphone cable length for superior sound quality. Cabling between the console and "stage box" units is also simplified for fast, easy setup.

NAI48-ES Network Audio Interface

Una interfaz EtherSound y AES/EBU de 48 canales rápida y fácil de configurar y utilizar.

  • Transfer up to 48 channels of digital audio between console and stage or any other location via a single CAT5e Ethernet cable at sampling rates up to 96 kHz.
  • Este tipo de sistema elimina los problemas de ruido inevitables con las mesas analógicas convencionales y configuraciones de tipo multicable, y reduce considerablemente la longitud del cable del micrófono para la obtención de una calidad de sonido superior.
  • Las 48 entradas AES/EBU y las 48 salidas AES/EBU se proporcionan a través de conectores D-sub de 25 patillas.
  • Designed with Yamaha professional sound gear in mind: minimum setup hassle, trouble-free operation.
  • An external power supply can be used in addition to the internal power supply for redundant failsafe operation.
  • Use standard Ethernet hubs and routers to create any network configuration you need.

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