Welcome to the magic of Tyros... Great sound, inspired design, and unrivalled technology

61-key digital workstation with stunning sound quality and Yamaha's new MegaVoice Technology.

Arranger Workstation Keyboards Catalogue 2016 [English] Arranger Workstation Keyboards Catalogue 2016PDF [8.5MB]

Los colores y acabados pueden ser diferentes a estos en los productos actuales.

  • MegaVoice Technology duplicates instrument behavior
  • New design: color VGA display, panel lights, clear Music rest
  • Vocal harmony & video out for live performance or karaoke
  • One Touch Setting and Music Finder provide instant professional sounds
  • Comprehensive music production: Mixing Console, Sound Creator, Style Creator and more

The TYROS 61 key digital workstation sets a new standard in sound and performance with Yamaha's new MegaVoice Technology. MegaVoice instruments reproduce the nuances of real instruments, from the "strum" of a guitar to the sound of a pick scratching the string. Music Score and Guide Mode displays the music as you play, and waits for you to find the correct notes. USB computer connectivity makes it easy to connect to a PC. An extra-large, full-color LCD display shows notation, lyrics, and more in incredible detail. With over 1,100 sounds and GM2, XG, GS and SFF compatibility, the TYROS will fit into any studio environment. The TYROS is designed for any serious musician seeking the broadest musical palette.

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