Introducing a Revolutionary New Range of Handcrafted Violin Bows

24/9/2013 [Instrumentos Musicales]

A range of carbon bows with a wealth of musical and tonal expression

By speaking with violin players and by analysing the finest details of how wooden bows perform, we used our in depth research to create a range of five handcrafted carbon bows.

With touch and tone being a key focus during development, we were able to ensure that these bows felt natural and had both the flexibility and rigidity that one would normally only expect from a high-quality pernambuoco.

Each player is individual and is looking for a bow that suits them, not only physically, but also musically. In recognition of this, the new range consists of a combination of five different weight and balance combinations.

There is a light, medium, and heavy weight option with the balance point in the middle of the bow and in addition to this, there are two more medium weight options, one with the balance point nearer to the tip and one nearer to the frog.

The bow’s wood-like appearance gives these bows a refined look and during our extensive testing period, meant that a number of people testing the bows did not realise that they were made of carbon.

The YBN-100 series of bows marks a huge step forward in bow making. By using carbon in such an advanced form means that these bows provide players with another option when picking the all important bow to go with their instrument.

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Yamaha presenta cinco nuevos arcos de carbono que ofrecen aspecto de madera, dentro de una completa selección de pesos y contrapesos para satisfacer las preferencias de cada músico.

Hemos producido 5 variaciones del mismo arco de fibra de carbono, con diferentes pesos y diferentes balances para proveer a los músicos con una gama más amplia de arcos entre los que elegir.

Para el Peso y el balance, los valores mencionados anteriormente pueden tener un error de 0,3 g/-0.3g, 5 mm/-5mm.

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